Al Stewart – Past, Present and Future (1973)

Past, Present and Future is the fifth album by Scottish singer/songwriter Al Stewart, released in 1973 on CBS/Janus.


A1. “Old Admirals” (5:55)
A2. “Warren Harding” (2:39)
A3. “Soho (Needless to Say)” (3:51)
A4. “The Last Day of June 1934” (4:47)
A5. “Post World War Two Blues” (4:16)
B1. “Roads to Moscow” (8:00)
B2. “Terminal Eyes” (3:21)
B3. “Nostradamus” (9:50)

Al Stewart – Guitar, vocals
Tim Renwick – Guitar
Peter Berryman – Guitar
Isaac Guillory – Guitar
B.J. Cole – Steel Guitar
Bruce Thomas – Bass
Brian Odgers – Bass
John Wilson – Drums
Peter Wood – Keyboards, piano, accordion
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Tim Hinkley – Keyboards
Bob Andrews – Keyboards
Bob Sargeant – Keyboards
Francis Monkman – Moog synthesizer
Alistair Anderson – English concertina
Richard Hewson – String arrangements
Haim Romano – Mandolin
Dave Swarbrick – Mandolin
Luciano Bravo – Steel band
Lennox James – Steel band
Michael Oliver – Steel band
Frank Ricotti – Percussion
Roger Taylor – Percussion
Krysia Kocjan – Backing vocals
John Donelly – Backing vocals
Mick Welton – Backing vocals
Kevin Powers – Backing vocals
Mike “Clay” Stone – Engineer

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