Al Green – The Belle Album (1977)

The Belle Album is the twelfth studio album by American soul singer Al Green, released in 1977 on the Memphis-based Hi label.

A1. Belle (4:45)
A2. Loving You (3:33)
A3. Feels Like Summer (3:43)
A4. Georgia Boy (6:59)
B1. I Feel Good (5:17)
B2. All n All (3:37)
B3. Chariots of Fire (3:53)
B4. Dream (7:28)

Al Green — vocals, guitar, writer, producer, engineer, arranger
Fred Jordan — fender rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, trumpet, flugelhorn, co-producer, engineer, arranger
Reuben Fairfax, Jr. — bass, bells, co-producer, arranger
James Bass — guitar
Johnny Brown — piano, fender rhodes electric piano
Buddy Jarrett, Ron Echols — saxophone
Leon Thomas — Clavinet, fender rhodes electric piano
Darryl Neely — trumpet, flugelhorn
John Toney — drums, electronic drums
Rob Payne — electronic drums
Harvey Jones, Linda Jones, Margaret Foxworth — backing vocals

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