Aksak Maboul ‎– Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine (1977)

Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine is an album by Belgian avant-garde ensemble Aksak Maboul, produced by Marc Moulin and released in 1977 on Kamikaze. Most of the instruments are played by Cos alumnus Marc Hollander, who receives co-billing on certain issues of the album.

A1. i) Mercredi matin (0:22) / ii) (mit 1) Saure Gurke (aus 1 Urwald Gelockt) (2:25)
A2. Animaux Velpeau (0:34)
A3. i) Milano per caso (3:18) / ii) Fausto Coppi arrive! (1:08) / iii) Chanter est sain (3:09)
A4. Son of l’idiot (3:20)
A5. DBB (Double Bind Baby) (3:25)
A6. Cuic Steppe (4:20)
A7. Tous les trucs qu’il y a là dehors (1:55)
B1. i) Ciobane (0:21) / ii) The Mooche (1:35) / iii) Vapona, not Glue (6:40) / iv) Glympz (4:49)
B2. Three Epileptic Dances (2:16)
B3. Autre chose d’autre (0:45)
B4. Mastoul Alakefak (6:14)
B5. Comme on a dit (1:15)

Marc Hollander — organ, darbuka, rhythm box, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, saxophone, mandolin, dumbeg, flute, Fender Rhodes electric piano, xylophone, cymbals, whistle, composer, cover design, drawings
Vincent Kenis — accordion, guitar, bass, piano, slide guitar, darbuka, percussion, whistle, composer, recording engineer, drawings
Paolo Radoni — guitar, composer
Jeannot Gillis — violin
Catherine Jauniaux — voice
Lucy Grauman — voice, composer
Ilona Chale — voice
Juliette — voice
Chris Joris — Fender Rhodes electric piano, soprano saxophone, composer
David Lee Schloss — soprano saxophone

Marc Moulin — producer

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