Akira Takasaki ‎– Tusk of Jaguar (1982)

Tusk of Jaguar is the debut solo album by Japanese hard-rock guitarist Akira Takasaki, released in 1982 on Megaton.

A1. “Tusk of Jaguar” (3:52)
A2. “Steal Away” (6:12)
A3. “Macula (Far From Mother Land)” (4:52)
A4. “Ebony Eyes” (5:23)
B1. “Wild Boogie Run” (3:19)
B2. “Gunshots” (3:05)
B3. “Mid-Day Hunter” (4:25)
B4. “Show Me Something Good” (4:59)
B5. “Say What?” (3:46)

Akira Takasaki — guitar, vocals, chorus, additional producer
笹路正徳 〈Masanori Sasaji〉 — keyboards, additional producer
二井原実 〈Minoru Niihara〉 — chorus
Milky Way — chorus

Seigen Ono — recording engineer
長戸大幸 〈Daiko Nagato〉 — production
Keisuke Tsukimitsu — art direction, design
Kazunori Isaka — photography

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