Akiko Yano – ごはんができたよ (Gohan ga Dekita yo) (1980)

ごはんができたよ (Gohan ga Dekita yo) is a double album by Japanese art-pop musician/vocalist Akiko Yano, produced by husband Ryuichi Sakamoto and recorded with the remainder of YMO and guitarist Kenji Omura. The album was released in 1980 on Japan Record.

A1. “ひとつだけ” (5:42)
A2. “ぼんぼんぼん” (6:16)
A3. “Coloured Water” (4:43)
B1. “在広東少年” (6:25)
B2. “High Time” (5:17)
B3. “Dogs Awaiting” (7:34)
C1. “Tong Poo” (4:23)
C2. “青い山脈” (4:03)
C3. “げんこつやまのおにぎりさま” (8:35)
C4. “ごきげんわにさん” (2:59)
D1. “また会おね” (4:08)
D2. “てはつたえる→てつだえる” (4:20)
D3. “ごはんができたよ” (5:32)
D4. “You’re the One” (4:24)

細野晴臣 〈Haruomi Hosono〉 — bass
矢野顕子 〈Akiko Yano〉 — piano, vocals, co-producer, composer, lyrics, arranger
高橋幸宏 〈Yukihiro Takahashi〉 — drums
Ryuichi Sakamoto — producer, synthesiser, synthesizer, arranger, composer
ひばり児童合唱団 〈Hibari Children Chorus〉 — choir
Kenji Omura — guitar
鮎川誠 〈Makoto Ayukawa〉 — guitar

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