Airplay ‎– Airplay (1980)

Airplay is the sole album by the namesake project of producers/composers Jay Graydon and David Foster, recorded with assorted LA studio musicians. Released in 1980 on RCA, the album consists of 10 collaborative originals, two of which had recently been cut by associated acts Earth, Wind & Fire (“After the Love Is Gone”) and the Manhattan Transfer (“Nothin’ You Can Do About It”).

A1. “Stranded” (4:28)
A2. “Cryin’ All Night” (4:47)
A3. “It Will Be Alright” (4:00)
A4. “Nothin’ You Can Do About It” (4:42)
A5. “Should We Carry On” (3:47)
B1. “Leave Me Alone” (4:35)
B2. “Sweet Body” (4:40)
B3. “Bix” (4:15)
B4. “She Waits for Me” (3:41)
B5. “After the Love Is Gone” (4:29)


  • Jay Graydon – vocals, guitar
  • David Foster – keyboards, background vocals
  • Tommy Funderburk – vocals

  • Jeff Porcaro – drums
  • David Hungate – bass
  • Steve Lukather – additional rhythm guitars
  • Steve Porcaro – synthesizer programming
  • Warren Wiebe
  • Mike Baird – drums
  • Ray Parker Jr. – additional rhythm guitars
  • Pete Robinson – synthesizer programming
  • Jerry Hey – trumpet & flugelhorn
  • Gary Grant – trumpet
  • Steve Madaio – trumpet
  • Bill Reichenbach Jr. – trombone
  • Charlie Loper – trombone
  • Lew McCreary – trombone
  • Bill Champlin – backing vocals
  • Tom Kelly – backing vocals
  • Max Gronenthal – backing vocals

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