Adam Ant ‎– Friend or Foe (1982)

Friend or Foe is the debut solo album by Adam Ant, released in 1982 on CBS/Epic. The music was written, performed, and produced in collaboration with guitarist Marco Pirroni, who the singer retained from the final Ants lineup.

A1. “Friend or Foe” (3:21)
A2. “Something Girls” (3:50)
A3. “Place in the Country” (2:47)
A4. “Desperate but Not Serious” (4:10)
A5. “Here Comes the Grump” (3:31)
A6. “Hello, I Love You” (2:38)
B1. “Goody Two Shoes” (3:27)
B2. “Crackpot History and the Right to Lie” (2:44)
B3. “Made of Money” (3:24)
B4. “Cajun Twisters” (2:54)
B5. “Try This for Sighs” (3:01)
B6. “Man Called Marco” (3:25)

Adam Ant — producer, brass arrangements, design, vocals, writer, bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, marimba, triangle, violin, sticks, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Marco Pirroni — producer, guitar, brass arrangements, writer, vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, castanets
Bogdan Wiczling — drums, sticks
Allan Douglas — engineer
Allan Ballard — photography
Jules — graphic design
Jeff Daly — saxophone
Martin Drover — trumpet, flugelhorn
Jude Kelly — vocals
Sam Brown — vocals
Sonia Jones — backing vocals
Vicki Brown — backing vocals

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