Adam and the Ants ‎– Dirk Wears White Sox (1979)

Dirk Wears White Sox is the debut album by English New Wave band Adam and the Ants, released in 1979 on Robin Scott’s Do It label. This would be the only album to feature the original Ants lineup, which was scooped into the Monochrome Set and Bow Wow Wow soon after this release. Four years later, the album was re-released by Epic to capitalize on Adam Ant’s subsequent fame.

Tracklist (Do It):
A1. “Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)” (6:32)
A2. “Digital Tenderness” (2:57)
A3. “Nine Plan Failed” (5:00)
A4. “Day I Met God” (2:50)
A5. “Tabletalk” (5:20)
B1. “Cleopatra” (3:10)
B2. “Catholic Day” (3:00)
B3. “Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)” (3:08)
B4. “Animals and Men” (3:10)
B5. “Family of Noise” (2:30)
B6. “The Idea” (3:17)

Tracklist (Epic):
A1. “Car Trouble” (3:24)
A2. “Kick” (2:08)
A3. “Digital Tenderness” (2:57)
A4. “Nine Plan Failed” (5:06)
A5. “Family of Noise” (2:33)
A6. “Tabletalk” (5:26)
B1. “Zerox” (3:45)
B2. “Cleopatra” (3:12)
B3. “Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)” (3:10)
B4. “Animals and Men” (3:14)
B5. “The Idea” (3:21)
B6. “Whip in My Valise” (3:55)

Adam Ant — vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano, producer, lyrics, music
Andrew Warren — bass
Matthew Ashman — guitar, piano
David Barbe — percussion

Benny King — engineer
Paul Ludgate — assistant engineer
Clare Johnson — photography
Juanito Antonio Wadhwani — photography
Philip Grey — portrait photography
Derek Bradbury — graphic design, layout

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