ABC ‎– Beauty Stab (1983)

Beauty Stab is the second album by English sophisti-pop/blue-eyed soul act ABC, released in 1983 on Vertigo/Mercury.

A1. “That Was Then But This Is Now” (3:33)
A2. “Love’s a Dangerous Language” (3:39)
A3. “If I Ever Thought You’d Be Lonely” (3:55)
A4. “Power of Persuasion” (3:31)
A5. “Beauty Stab” (2:06)
A6. “By Default By Design” (4:07)
B1. “Hey Citizen!” (3:55)
B2. “King Money” (4:02)
B3. “Bite the Hand” (3:06)
B4. “Unzip” (2:49)
B5. “S.O.S.” (4:48)
B6. “United Kingdom” (3:19)

Martin Fry — vocals, arranger, writer
Mark White — guitar, piano, synthesizer, arranger, writer
Stephen Singleton — alto saxophone, arranger, writer
Alan Spenner — bass
Andy Newmark — drums

Luis Jardim — percussion
Howie Casey — tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
David Theodore — oboe
David Bedford — string arrangements
ABC — string arrangements, producer, artwork
Gary Langan — producer
John Kurlander — engineer
Bob Kraushaar — engineer
Keith Nixon — engineer
Adrian Brett — recording engineer
Keith Breeden — artwork
Gered Mankowitz — photography

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