A Flock of Seagulls ‎– Listen (1983)

Listen is the second album by English modernist New Wave/art-rock band A Flock of Seagulls, released in 1983 on Jive Records. As with the prior album, production duties fell to former Gong-bassist Mike Howlett with the exception of one track, “(It’s Not Me) Talking,” which hailed from the band’s 1981 sessions with Bill Nelson at the console.

A1. “Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)” (5:30)
A2. “Nightmares” (4:36)
A3. “Transfer Affection” (5:20)
A4. “What Am I Supposed to Do” (4:10)
B1. “Electrics” (3:33)
B2. “The Traveller” (3:26)
B3. “2:30” (0:59)
B4. “Over the Border” (5:02)
B5. “The Fall” (4:26)
B6. “(It’s Not Me) Talking” (5:00)

Mike Score — lead vocals, keyboards, guitar
Frank Maudsley — bass guitar, vocals
Paul Reynolds — lead guitar, vocals
Ali Score — drums

Dave Hutchins — engineer
BilBo — mastering
Pete Watson — sleeve design, art direction
Eric Watson — photography
Martin Pretorius — costume design
Checkmount Ltd. — manager
Mike Howlett — producer
Bill Nelson — producer (B6)

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