ФСБ ‎– ФСБ II / FSB II (1978)

ФСБ II is the second album by Bulgarian art-rockers FSB, released in 1978 on Balkanton.

A1. “Пробуждане / Wake Up” (5:18)
A2. “Утро / Morning” (3:31)
A3. “Три /Three” (4:56)
A4. “Унисони / Unisons” (2:27)
B1. “Да свириш гамата / To Play Gamma” (2:32)
B2. “Злато / Gold” (3:05)
B3. “Песен / Song” (4:46)
B4. “Вместо сбогом / Instead” (6:47)

Drums – Емил Ханджиев (A2), Красимир Каменов, Красимир Каменов (A2), Петър Славов (A2), Петър Цанков (A2), ФСБ (A2)
Engineer [Sound] – Момчил Момчилов
Lyrics By – Михаил Белчев
Music By, Bass Guitar, Drums – Александър Бахаров
Music By, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals – Румен Бояджиев
Music By, Piano, Keyboards, Drums – Константин Цеков
Saxophone, Flute – Ангел Везев
Soloist – Лидия Ступел (B3)

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